Kingii – A Life-Saving Inflatable Bracelet

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The World Health Organization records about 372,000 people getting drowned in a year. The number of fatalities is quite alarming that it lead to the creation of Kingii.

This device affirmed its record to be the world’s tiniest inflatable bracelet that missions to save life and reduce or cut the number of people getting drowned.

Kingii Wristband Features:

  • An inflatable nylon balloon. Built-in and was kept inside a small pocket.
  • Carbon dioxide cartridge. Comes before the balloon.
  • A metal lever. Pulled immediately to trigger the CO2 cartridge and fill the balloon.


  • Is 78 times tinier than a life jacket.
  • Appropriate for swimming, fishing, sailing, surfing and kayaking.
  • Reusable. (CO2 cartridges are replaceable).
  • Reliable and durable.

The life saving wristband is available in the markets online, like Amazon and Indiegogo for $69.

Some people on hot and holiday season may only be wearing confidence when going to the waters especially in shallow, calm waters. They don’t think of the possibility of getting drowned and so are not wearing life jackets.

Now, this portable inflatable device is a non-intrusive wristband which opens a buoyant balloon on mission to save users from drowning. It is also a way cooler alternative to a hefty life jacket.

So far, Kingii is accounted as the most all-inclusive, portable water resistant device ever created and has its furthest aim to reduce the number of casualties of drowning.

It is predetermined to be destituted securely to the user’s wrist and forenamed to be as reliable as a widely used life jacket. The device is as well as more comfortable and less larger than a life jacket. This device also allows users to have more freedom of movement than with a life jacket.

The wristband also has a built-in compass and a whistle which is attached to catch attention from the possible nearby savers to the user.

There is a team from Gridley California that raises fund from Indiegogo to secure the device quality into production. The act have been in an exceptional demand, it raises about $350,000 far larger than the $65,000 that they aimed for.

Tom Agapiades, the company’s founder who created the life saving device came up with this idea when he lost his friend from drowning.

He said that after he lost his friend in a possible preventive drowning accident, he developed Kingii as his way of promoting the significance of safety in the water, shallow or not, and, hopes to put an end to this kind of tragedy once and for all.


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