IOT – The Popularity Of Smart Home Increases Globally

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At Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017, which took place in Las Vegas earlier this month, the attendees were talking extensively about smart home. There is a growing consensus among people that Internet of Things devices are expected to dominate the technology landscape completely in future among which smart home will top the list.

Until now the concept of Internet of Things was not that popular among people because all they could make out from it was connected devices. However, most of the people had no idea how these connected devices actually work and how investing in such products can prove to be beneficial to them. But as more and more advanced devices are getting introduced in the market with each passing day, the concept of IoT is becoming clear among them.

According to reports, Internet of Things is becoming more real and acceptable with Smart Home. In fact, it’s the first IoT category to hit the maturity when compared to connected devices used in industrial, automotive, medical, and educational sectors.

By incorporating machine learning and artificial intelligence in IoT devices, their ability to serve the people have increased multiple times. A lot of things which used to be just impossible a couple of years ago have now become reality and the credit goes equally to the innovators and developers who introduce cutting-edge technologies from time to time and also to people who are embracing them wholeheartedly.

At CES 2017, LG has unveiled a Smart InstaView fridge which actually monitors your groceries and tells you what is going to get over soon. In addition to that, LG Smart InstaView fridge can also figure out the expiry dates of the products stored in it and can convey it to you by tagging them.

What makes LG Smart InstaView fridge so unique is that the company has incorporated machine learning and artificial intelligence in it. Remember, last year Samsung had also unveiled a smart fridge. And LG Smart InstaView fridge is quite similar to the one introduced by Samsung last year.

Apart from smart home, Amazon Alexa, which is nothing but a personal assistant that comes with capabilities like music playback, setting alarms, voice interaction and offers weather traffic is also winning the hearts of the users like anything. The best part of using Alexa is that can monitor a wide range of smart devices on its own.

In short, as machine learning and artificial intelligence are used in more and more products nowadays, it’s taking the efficiency of connected devices to new heights.

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