Iot And 3d Printing – The New Manufacturing Revolution

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3D printing technology has brought drastic changes in the conventional methods of printing thereby, helping the businesses implement the improvements in the material selection and product design. This has brought new and innovative models to establish cost-effective processes to make the businesses more efficient.

It has been found that 3D printing technology can give greater results and cost-effective output when combined with Internet of Things. Due to this, the manufacturers that are already utilizing IoT  solutions have seen 25% hike in their revenue between 2013 and 2014 which was been noted by TATA Consultancy Survey. The combination of these two technologies-3D printing and IoT will bring greater benefits in the business world in relevance to cost-effective and efficient productivity.

Reason Behind Looking 3D Printing And IoT Together

3d-printing-and-iot-togetherDay by day, 3D printing is becoming popular in the fields of automotive, electronics, and healthcare industries and along with IoT playing an important role in ensuring quality control by connecting big data analytics to 3D printing with the help embedded sensors.

There are constantly increasing number of sensors and devices involved in IoT that gather every minute data about human behavior and interaction, and allow the businesses to gather information about the behavior of their products behavior and also predict their future behaviors.

The combination of these two technologies will bring a revolution in the way the products and the processes are monitored, analyzed, and functioned.

Expectations With These Technologies

The expectations with these technologies predict that the growth of businesses is likely to increase globally and that 3D printing has a huge market potential to bring a greater productivity with the businesses manufacturing products like electrical and optical sensors, antennas and circuitry that are used for industrial IoT applications that make devices truly smart and connected in the future.

Moreover, it is predicted that in 2016, combining functional elements like electronics into a 3D printed product could open up new horizons of the market in the new applications of products.

Observing Of The End-customers About These Advancements

It is predicted that 3D printing along with IoT can play a vital role in achieving the customer expectations of wanting rapidly produced parts that are made readily available within a short period of time, at the highest standards along with their specific requirements fulfilled.

Also, this will add a huge amount of flexibility to the businesses in regards of how the parts are designed and manufactured, that will further open of opportunities for improvement and product-line expansion.

The rise of digital manufacturing in Europe will bring up the new generation of engineers and designers who will come up with their innovative ideas with a drastic speed that is never experienced before.

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