IOT & Agriculture – Implementation of New Agricultural Techniques

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The Internet of Things is changing our perspective towards the things that we see, face, and do in our day to day life. Likewise, it is also bringing a great transformation in the agricultural field. It means that the agriculture industry is now using better techniques for growing crops and other related activities.

IoT has proved its significance in almost every area of life. And now, it is entering into the field of agriculture to overcome the obstacles faced by farmers while growing different types of crops.

With the implementation of the Internet Of Things, the agricultural practices are improving drastically which is resulting in the growth of healthy crops and plants. In addition to that, it also helps farmers to handle their problems efficiently. An Israel-based company called “Prospera” has taken a step forward in this direction by implementing this cutting-edge technology in the agricultural sector. Prospera is implementing the IoT in agriculture to deal with some of the most common problems which are being faced by the farmers from a long time.

This company consists of computer scientists and agronomists who are working towards measuring and optimizing the crop growth, thereby dealing with the issues that arise in the same. Earlier, the farmers used to deal with this on the basis of the weather readings and satellite images to decide upon the crop growth and harvest.

But, these images did not serve well as they were taken from an area which was 30 kilometers away from the place where crops were grown. Since the pictures were taken from far away they were not up to the mark in terms of the information incorporated in them. In short, such images failed to provide the clear picture of crop growth.

Moreover, it was difficult to collect the data from the agricultural land manually and even if there were electrical and network settings done in the fields, it was equally difficult to capture the accurate data related to the crops grown. But, the entry of Prospera in the agriculture industry changed the whole scenario because of the implementation of the IoT technology with an aim to make it better optimized.

Things Changed

Now, with the increasing use of technology, the sensors have become low-cost and still they are capable of capturing accurate information related to temperature and humidity. Also, low-cost cameras are capable of measuring light and radiation and gathering important images. These devices have the ability to communicate in an either WIFI or 3G mobile data network and also they can run on solar energy. This perspective is implemented in both indoor as well as outdoor agriculture with an aim to efficiently apply the technology.

Prospera is a company that is into the building of data intelligence which, in turn, helps the customers to collect data and use them in an efficient manner. This indicates that Prospera is a company that encourages the concept of smart farming by providing high-end agricultural solutions.

The whole process of data collection through capturing images has become economical as well efficient with the implementation of the technology by Prospera. This has helped the farmers in their farming activities and preventing the crop diseases to a great extent. Prospera being in the development of sensors, it treats them as commodities and made them easily available at a lower cost which makes it feasible for the farmers to use them.

Being in Israel, this approach of agricultural technique, using the IoT technology has helped the local, agricultural communities Kibbutzim and Moshavs to encourage irrigation with ease and efficiency. This is because Israel is a desert region and needs successful irrigation techniques for the effective agricultural growth.

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