Internet of Things Without Security is Dangerous

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Just as a home or property is susceptible to intruders without the proper security systems installed, the Internet of Things can be in grave danger as well.  

The Internet of Things or IoT has been made known to man at the onset of rapid globalization; and virtually anyone has access to it. Truth be told, security glitches has never been given that much attention. There are still dangerous hackers with killer intentions – both literally and figuratively.

The IoT is something that can benefit humans in various areas. It basically makes life a lot easier, but there are some really skilled computer software and program specialists that use their talents to spread darkness in the virtual world. This then manifests in the real world where the real human being suffers the consequences.

So how in the world can these glitches be fixed? Forrester Technologies shares the top revolutionary security technologies to solve this problem.

6 IoT Security Technologies

  • IoT Encryption

Data Encryption can be done through the following methods: maintaining data integrity, preventing hackers from sensing data, and using cryptographic algorithms. The key to all sensitive and confidential data is the formulation of key encryption lifecycle. Some of the vendors that offer IoT Encryption include: HPE, Gemalto, Cisco, Lynx Software Technologies,  Entrust Datacard, and Symantec.

  • IoT Network Security

Securing the network is one of the most ignored protocols for IoT. Anyone can access networks using cheap mobile devices that do not have safe network systems. In order to solve this, vendors such as Cisco, Senrio, Darktrace, and Bayshore Networks created endpoint security systems that are able to prevent intruders from sniffing through data. Such security systems include stronger versions antimalware and antivirus.

  • IoT API Security

API security provides authentication and authorization of data. Hence, no intruder will be allowed to access data protected with API. CA Technologies, Mashery/TIBCO, MuleSoft, Akana, Axway, Apigee/Google, and WS02 are some of the tech vendors that offer this type of IoT security.

  • IoT PKI

Data management, distribution, public and private key generation, and revocation are the key features of this data security system. Some vendors selling this security technology include Entrust Datacard, DigiCert, WISeKey, HPE, Symantec, and Gemalto.

  • IoT Authentication

Some authentication mechanisms available to secure IoT include biometrics, digital certification, and two-factor authentication. Sample vendors include Baimos Technologies, Gemalto, Entrust Datacard, Device Authority, and Covisint.

  • IoT Security Analytics

Security analytics provide a wide range of mechanisms to protect the authenticity of data. Massive data management techniques are being done to make this possible. Some companies already offering such services include Kaspersky Lab, Cisco, Indegy, Senrio, and SAP.

Some of these security mechanisms, including Encryption and Network Security have been in the internet market for a long time. The companies offering this are assuring that they have improved the systems that perform such functions for better IoT security.

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