Internet of Things Will Not Be Different In 2016

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Though analysts anticipated that Internet of Things would generate as much as about $1.2 billion this year 2016, it appears that it’s persistent in the same shark-jumping trajectory as was witnessed in 2015’s CES. Some innovative and unique Internet of Things (IoT) inventions have existed over the past year. However, many manufacturers seem to be contented with just slapping Bluetooth the radio or a Wi-Fi onto products that exist then name it the mobile revolution. By a home that is connected, IoT remains stalled in the smart light bulbs, cameras that are net-connected as well as wireless speakers. Talk of same bland, iterative use cases we have seen since the term IoT was devised.

That doesn’t mean bland is intrinsically wrong, but rather just lazy. For instance, during the first debut of Philips Hue some years back, it created a well-warranted stir since it had a unique approach to the home lighting. In this years’ CES, everyone including his brother hawked around with color changing Wi-Fi lights. The South Hall was jam-packed with them. This is true for most of the smart appliance, whether it is a Bluetooth deadbolt for the front door or refrigerator that is Wi-Fi enabled or may be a remotely controlled coffee maker. The manufacturers seem to be more concerned with getting a piece of one IoT pie by smashing two different products together then slapping Wi-Fi radio onto the result rather than baking up a unique and new one.

Netatmo Outdoor Security Camera

Take Netatmo Presence outdoor security camera. Its ability to make a distinction between animals, burglars and cars is granted, and this is certainly what earned it a spot as one of the Engadget Best contender at the CES. However, at its heart, Presence is simply a motion-activated security camera which has a flood light attached to it. There is nothing revolutionary or innovative about this. What I and probably everyone else hopes for is the revolution. This also applies to Ring door security camera. There are a number of wireless outdoor cameras in the market today. Is it so necessary to invent yet another?

That being said, iterative enhancements are not bad at all. When Samsung announced that it would be partnering with Microsoft in coming up with an Internet of a Things (IoT) platform which is compatible with Windows 10, it was great news for all who use that OS. Also, efforts of Samsung and LG in improving the current laughably weak security of IoT network hubs is admirable and commendable. Then there is the Samsung flat screen which eliminates the hubs altogether and Eve the Amazon Echo’s latest trick: talking to your car.

Unluckily, the Internet of Things devices remain unbearably few and far between. Having seen a few recently, Doppler water monitor included which checks were running taps and toilets and can as well be reassembled into a wireless speaker or home security camera. The Owlet smart baby monitor, allows frazzled and asleep parents have a check on their young ones without creating any disturbances.

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