Intel Unveiled Its Latest Credit Card-sized Device “Compute Card” at CES 2017

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Intel announced the release of its new credit card-sized computer at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2017 on Thursday. This is the smallest computer till now introduced by Intel and it is named as “Compute Card”. The Compute Card is just about 5 mm thick and it is so small that it could be easy to lose it. At first glance of this card, anyone would take it for a credit card but, in reality, it is a full-developed computer that consists of the 7th Generation Intel Kaby Lake processor, memory, storage, and wireless connectivity.


Due to its small size, it cannot have USB-C or other ports for connectivity and displays. This card works well when it gets fitted or plugged into a slot of larger devices just like a smart card. This card is developed to serve the connected devices with an aim to contribute to the growth of the Internet of Things. The release of this card will enable several businesses to grow rapidly in the IoT deployment.

The Compute Card could be slotted into several connected devices, digital signs, smart devices, robots, drones, and other products which will target the commercial market. As the Compute Card is actually a full-blown computer, the businesses will be able to gain more profit with minimal computing power by accommodating a whole PC into their products to deploy the Internet of Things.

Moreover, this newly developed PC of Intel will also enable the upgrading of the features of the existing computers. This means that you will not be required to buy a whole new PC if its existing features have gone obsolete. You just have to slot the Compute Card into your computer which will upgrade your PC with the latest processor and components. The Compute Card allows the PCs to have wireless connectivity with the world through its built-in features of Wifi and Bluetooth. It also has an additional feature called “USB-C plus extension” which further allows the connectivity with other products.

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The company promotes the Compute Card purely as an IoT platform and will start shipping it in the middle of this year. The Compute Card will be used as a plug-in computer for several smart devices like refrigerators, smart light bulbs, security cameras, air conditioners and more.

Intel has collaborated with companies like Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Sharp to develop special slots in the devices to enable the wireless connectivity and boost the IoT deployment.

The main purpose of releasing the Compute Card this year is to boost the growth of the Internet Of Things and this will further result in the development of billions of chips that could be slotted into the smart devices. Intel aims at developing Atom chips for the IoT devices and this is the first time it will be developing the Kaby Lake chips for those IoT devices that will consist of Kaby Lake processor.

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