Infosys Powers Tennis Fans, A Virtual Reality Experience

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With an aim to give its fans an immersive VR experience, Infosys joined hands with Sony PlayStation VR and ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) and brought a change in the way the tennis matches are viewed.

With this big step of the IT giant at APIA International tennis tournament in Sydney, the players, coaches, and tennis fans had an opportunity to watch a match and visualize the player statistics.

The spectators are privileged to have a view of 20 different screens including real court images, television match coverage, social media feeds to name a few with the help of their VR headsets.
Infosys vice president and regional head ANZ Andrew Groth said to ZDNet that they are planning to provide the immersive experience of live streaming to the VR  headset users and they will further launch it for the French Open that begins in the month of May. He further said that it is going to improve the experience of the spectators by giving them the feel of sitting in a VR tennis court and enjoying the game.

Usually, a live-streaming of a match requires more than 20 cameras surrounding the tennis court, but with the help of technology, the fans would be able to interact with the platform. Infosys said that it had more than 12 million data points including five years of Hawk-Eye data to work with, and this allows the fans, players, and coaches to point two players against each other and decide the winner based on past performance data. Gorth further said that the coaches and the players were surprised to see their last year’s games in detail which they did not know before. This data is available to them to use in the current live-streaming match in terms of visualization.

According to Groth, VR is a great commodity that could be used with lots of applications other than streaming of sporting matches and many organizations have been using it for years without even realizing its importance. The main aim of bringing VR to the tennis court is to visualize the past data in comparison to the current live-streaming matches.

A recent study by Yeti LLC, a design and development studio that helps customers improve their product development processes, said that 85% who surveyed for this report said that they are either having VR projects under their way or will be having in the next one to two years.

In this survey, when asked to the respondents that who they think will significantly  accelerate the VR usage in the next two years, 84% of them said entertainment, 74 percent said education, 63 percent said media and 60 percent said medical and health-care, while 56% said high-tech, 54% said travel and 51% said real estate will do so.

Several industries and organizations have come up with projects using the VR technology to benefit the VR headset users.

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