Infinityleap and SV Links to connect Latin American Investors to Israeli Startups

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Infinityleap partners with SV Links to connect Latin American investors to Israeli innovative startups

In the global world, there are no physical or lingual boundaries. The link between investors and startups around the globe is natural and answers the needs of investors looking for a high return for their money and startups seeking for investment, but even more important some who would believe in their initiative.

Infinityleap has partnered with SV Links organizing an international conference, aimed at connecting LATAM investors and Israeli startups, focusing on AR, VR, Wearables, IoT and Computer Vision. These investors seek to develop the Latin Hi-tech social and business ecosystem by gaining a foothold in these markets.

Infinityleap is The First Place To Go for Startups, investors and corporates focused on disruptive technologies. Infinityleap is providing a dedicated community, market research of immersive tech, knowledge,  resources about market trends and players and linking between players to create collaborations and strategic consulting.



SV Links is a non-profit organization devoted to promoting ties among and within the entrepreneurial communities of emerging countries and the tech industry innovators of Silicon Valley

The conference took place at Azrieli Towers in Tel Aviv and hosted 24 LATAM business owners. Infinityleap gave a talk about the AR/VR market trends, the players and the bright future of these markets. The investors showed strong interest in the growing markets and the technologies behind the latest development in these markets. Following that, Infiniyleap has presented three startups who gave their pitch and talked about their vision on the market.

  1. Fringefy has developed a visual search engine that helps people discover local content and services in the outdoor, urban environment. While conventional local search is query or proximity based, Fringefy browses content by using a personal prime sense – vision.
  1. Vrphysio developed a patent pending platform that allows our users to preform their physical therapy training while playing immersive virtual reality games.
  1. Hexa is a 3D content creation platform that automatically converts low-cost 2D images into flexible 3D objects at a fraction of the time.

Infinityleap has presented the LATAM investors in collaboration with SV Links a few startups from diverse verticals, from the retail world, the medical world and more. The purpose was to show the strength and diversity of the Israeli market, and on the other hand, to demonstrate the ability of Infinityleap in providing accessibility to “custom made” startups for investors specific requirements.


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