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Take a look at the streets, the gyms, the conference rooms all around the globe; they are everywhere – the wearables. The wearable sector is a market with rapid growth potential. Especially smartwatches are reaching their peak at user acceptance. The Apple Watch and its relatives by Motorola, Huawei or Samsung are giving the classic wristwatches a run for their money. By 2016, according to recent forecasts, 28 billion smartwatches will have been sold. There is very little reason to doubt that wearables are a goldmine for corporate communications and marketing, all under the strategic mantra of mobile first”.

Wearable market in the year 2019 (Source: Statista)

Wearables open the gate to the potential client and of course his individual data-set. Big data is one of the key factors for the wearable marketing. Advertising messages are able to address the target groups personally, geographically and timely. Scattering losses are now things of the past. The new marketing campaigns are data driven. But for now, these are just dreams of the innovation departments. That hardware producers and companies are sharing the collected data is by now more than unlikely, not to mention the data protection discussions. But still…


45% of the German marketers see their future in the wearable market


This vision of the near future makes Germany a leader in this segment, says the study: „The rise of the marketer – Western Europe“, which researched the future of marketing in Europe. Other countries like France or the UK are in favor of the Internet of Things or Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. So what drives the German marketers to such statements? I assume there are two segments which are perfect for a wearable marketing campaign:


E-Mail Marketing

Smartwatches have a major disadvantage in the eyes of marketing professionals – their displays are tiny! The shift from desktop computers to mobile phones was already a challenge for the advertising industry. Websites had to be responsive, pictures had to be compressed, content shortened. With wearables as the hardware, the trend is going further in the direction of mineralization. The identity of the sender of (e.g. a newsletter) is very important for the recipient but this alone is often not enough to transport the company messages. The subject lines have to be sharp and specific, the timing perfect. The classic brand positioning will experience substantial changes due to new requirements on creativity.



Another marketing sector which will see an upswing is the Geo-Marketing. The location based services will be with completely new possibilities. The fast data transfer allows the wearables to monitor the customer movements better than ever before. They can be addressed with the right message at the right time, like while they are jogging or commute to work. Routines, habits and movement patterns can be detected and may provide the company with all the individual information they need to address the customer appropriate. The direct approach via smartwatches will soon be part of our daily routines, and so will be the advertising messages.

By now this is all but a glimpse into the future. There are still a lot of technological issues to be fixed and concepts to be created. We have also witnessed some news in recent weeks about digital contact lenses b Samsung or other innovative wearables which could be a game changer for the smartwatch market. Still, the marketers have to remain alert, because with every new technology, there could be a marketing asset.


The German version of the article can be found on Medialist.

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