Imax Partners With Warner Bros. To Turn “Justice League” Movie To VR

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Imax and Warner Bros have stamped a three VR title agreement.

The shifting of Imax to Virtual Reality for “Justice League” movie along with “Aquaman” and another movie with a title not yet revealed and the announcing of co-financing and production with Warner Bros. Home Entertainment are such exciting and promising progress in the entertainment industry where in they will establish and release a trio of VR experiences from the three said movies.

The two companies proposed to launch single movie experience every year that will be initialized by Justice League VR in the later of 2017. This will have an exclusive window at Imax area-based VR sites before making the film accessible for other VR platforms.

Imax is now starting to cycle out area-based VR through “pods” that will be installed in many public spaces such as movie theaters. The first test area will be in its VR Experience Centre which is close to The Grove in Los Angeles and five more sets will be open in New York, California, The United Kingdom and Shanghai in the near months. If this will be a success, this intents to roll out the perception worldly to choose multiplexes as well as public areas such as tourist destination and shopping centers.

Imax CEO Richard L. Gelfond said that the partnership with Warner Bros. will share a history of launching Hollywood movies in many Imax theaters and that they will be entering into the first ever studio deal to place VR to the multiplex. Gelfond aims to reach out to supplementary studios to create comparable deals based on their tentpole brands. He also said that the key component of their vision for VR is to assist usher in the first wave of steep end blockbuster based content. Some of the most loved characters in the world are featured to provide iconic properties in launching this task.

President of Warner Bros. Worldwide Home Entertainment Distribution Ron Sanders, believed that making capital on Justice League and Aquaman characters from the famous DC properties will widen the appeal to this fast rising technology.

Gelfond mentioned that the financing for the Warners projects would likely to occur from the $50 million Imax VR funds, which has begun at the end of 2016 to help fund the production of roughly 25 experiences for the next three years.

Imax has now stamped VR content deals with Skydance by David Ellison and game developer Ubisoft. Few of this content may involve usage of motion controllers, haptic vests and motion controlled seats from the D-Box at Imax venues.


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