HTC Vive Headset is Going Wireless with TPCast Adapter

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HTC Vive is setting the bar right up for Virtual Reality by going wireless with the TPCast adapter.  

The idea was introduced at the 2017 CES in Las Vegas. The company has also announced additional initiatives and other new hardware.

Summary of HTC Initiatives and Hardware

  • VR Tracking Device

This device allows users to experience various world objects into virtual one. Some of the hardware used here include plastic guns, hand-tracking VR gloves, VR camera, and rifles. This makes for more immersive gaming experience for the user. For more information about this new device, read this article.

  • Viva Deluxe Audio Strap

This is the updated version of the existing HTC Vive’s head-mounting strap.

  • New software

There will be new software to be announced later this year that will make VR applications even more efficient for users. There will be a subscription program for such software to help users experience more of the software’s functions.

  • VR Wireless Headsets

Finally, HTC is working on wireless VR headsets to make the software work. However, they will partner with TP Cast for a more effective technological delivery and application. These headsets provide low-latency. HTC’s General Manager Daniel O’brien spoke of the plan saying, “Our approach to wireless and VR is the same approach that we’ve taken with the Vive — wireless will be open-standard and we look forward to supporting any company that can demonstrate a low-latency solution to wireless VR.” The GM emphasized that this new technology is part of the 2017 Vive ecosystem initiative.


The TPCast is a wireless adapter made out of the Vive X accelerator program. It is set at a price of $249. Some of its specs include:

  • 1.5 hours of battery life.
  • 2K video resolution at 90 Hz.
  • Negative 2 millisecond transmission latency.
  • 5 hour XL battery.

This will be sold at HTC’s app store called Viveport. Despite hearsays that HTC is no longer exploring further VR applications, Rikard Steiber, Viveport’s president, assured that they are “just at the beginning of the revolution.”

Last year, there was a declined number of sales but Steiber is confident about the outcomes they are experiencing so far this year. He said that with over 30 VR Content per week, their new subscription program will aid consumers to choose and manage their VR content.

Steiber compared this revolution with that of Netflix, which is now exploring VR applications in its media content. Currently, Vive’s contents are sold in partnership with Steam. Steiber considers this partnership beneficial for both saying that Steam has a”very, very strong gaming foundation.”

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