How Augmented Reality Improves Online Shopping Experience

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The rapid growth of e-commerce in the last few years is a proof that more and more consumers are drawn to the convenience of online shopping. Practically everything people would like to purchase is available on the internet. And with just a few taps and swipes on a mobile device, consumers can freely and quickly choose a product and purchase it without having to line up and leave the comforts of their own home or wherever they may be.

But then there are certain apprehensions about online shopping. The main concern is that consumers cannot actually see if a piece of clothing will fit them perfectly and if the actual item will meet expectations. Of course, uncertainties can lead to empty shopping carts, hence, lower business conversion for merchants.

The Value of AR to Businesses

Fortunately, e-commerce has been evolving with innovative technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality, which are developed to address the customer’s pain points and ultimately, to enhance overall shopping experience. With VR and AR, not only can merchants connect with their target market, but they can also get a lot of repeat customers.

In this day and age, the competition is not just about who offers the lowest prices or the best value for the shopper’s money, but rather the one who can make their customers happy and satisfied. Merchants need to think of new ways to keep conversions high while making online shopping easier and less painful for their customers. Adopting game-changing innovations such as AR is a great step for businesses to ensure customer satisfaction and increase sales.

How AR Has Improved Online Shopping for Consumers

Back when augmented reality didn’t exist, browsing through products on the internet is pretty much just looking at photos of product catalogs. Shoppers just used their imagination (and gut feel even) if a piece of clothing or footwear will fit them or if the lamp they were planning to buy was just right for their home. But thanks to the blending of the virtual and the real world via AR, shoppers can now see the actual product and how it fits them or the space they are going to place it.

Here are three important improvements that AR has contributed to e-commerce:

  1. More interactive shoppinginteractive-shopping

    The reality of e-commerce today is that interactivity engages customers by adding an element of fun to their shopping experience. People buying furniture online, for instance, can do fun and cool poses with family and friends while trying out a virtual couch or table on their smartphones or tablets. Simultaneously, they can easily switch between different furniture colors, sizes, and styles as they please.

    And when customers are having fun while shopping, they are sure to stay on that site and even check out with a purchase.

  2. More freedom to modify and customize choices

    youtube-interactive-shopping-clothesAR takes out the guesswork in making buying decisions. Before they choose a product, consumers normally scan through different features such as colors, sizes, and styles. With the help of AR, it is easier for customers to modify and decide on their purchase. They can even visualize and take a look at the product in their own environment to make the best choice.

  3. Visualization and better understanding of products

    Both online and in-store buyers love to get a feel of the product or test its features. In the past, online shoppers can only see features listed below the product image. But with this new technology, they can virtually put the product to test and finish their shopping faster.

Augmented reality is definitely the future of e-commerce, as it provides win-win solutions for both merchants and consumers. If more online retailers adopt this game-changing technology in the near future, we may see faster growth of the e-commerce industry and more consumers glued to their mobile devices in search for the perfect product for their needs.

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