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Virtual reality (VR) is an indispensable breakthrough in the technology landscape, which kind of helps in  fading the thin line between the physical world and the real world by offering mind-blowing VR experiences to people when it takes them to an imaginary world in no time. The last few years have been really indispensable for Virtual Reality (VR), as the technology has evolved tremendously during this time and a lot of consumer VR headsets took the market by storm.

Today most of the prestigious tech companies are either working on a VR project or their consumer products have already reached the market, wherein they are facing cut-throat competition from their competitors.

In this post, we are going to discuss some of those VR headsets that work with your smartphones and remain the talk of the town these days, because of their unique features and cost-effective price.

Here’s The List Of Top-Notch VR Headsets

Freefly VR

If you are desperately looking forward to using a virtual reality headset that offers a highly immersive VR experience when you are eventually transported to a stunning world by it, then Freefly VR remains the most appropriate option for you. Developed by Proteus VR Labs, it’s an extremely versatile smartphone VR headset that offers great sounds and truly interactive 360-degree visuals to users when it comes to playing a game or watching a movie. It’s sound quality and interactive 360-degree visuals help in offering that perfect virtual reality experience to users.
Freefly-VR-HeadsetFreefly VR comes with a 120-degree field of view, adjustable straps, adjustable phone grips, anti-fog coating, a free wireless controller for Bluetooth, and hard carry case etc.

It’s multi-platform compatibility and extraordinary leather finish is what makes it the best option for both android and iPhone users. Priced as just $69, this lightweight and truly comfortable VR headset is giving tough competition to rest of the virtual reality headsets in the market.

The Merge VR Goggles

Merge-VR-HeadsetsThe another interesting smartphone powered virtual reality headset that is doing the rounds these days is the Merge VR Googles. If you are planning to buy a durable VR headset that comes with tremendous comfort and multi-platform compatibility then the Merge VR Googles can prove to be really important for you. Developed from flexible as well as lightweight foam, Merge VR Googles are among those VR headsets which offer immensely realistic virtual reality experiences to users with high comfort. It is designed in such a fashion that it effectively fits any face. These easy to clean VR Googles are easily compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Homido VR Headset


Homido VR headset is another great option in the world of virtual reality headsets, which allow you to explore such places which cannot be visited by you in the real world. This wireless VR headset comes with adjustable lenses, android and iOS compatibility, adjustable IPD, and 100° field of view which allow users to get really immersive VR experiences. It works amazingly with bigger phones such as OnePlus One and iPhone 6 Plus. What’s great about this device is you can look around in any direction while watching a 360° video.

Knox NEXT VR Viewer

Knox-NEXT-Virtual-Reality-ViewerIf you are looking for a reasonable virtual reality headset that comes with extensive lenses, innovative ergonomics, and unprecedented design, then nothing can serve your requirements better than Knox NEXT VR Viewer. As far as compatibility is concerned, it’s a kind of VR headset that works effectively with both iOS and Android phones.

If you go for it, you will get pre-cut as well as printed cardboard which can be assembled quite easily. In addition to that, you will get 2 proprietary wooden phone lifters, pre-installed high-grade magnets, and pre-installed high-grade asymmetrical lenses with a diameter of 37mm.

Priced at just $ 27.00, Knox NEXT VR Viewer is truly a great option, if you want to get that perfect virtual reality experience. Considering the fact that Knoxlabs has an extensive product line you can also go for VR devices like Knox V2, Knox V2 – Erwin’s Box Cardboard VR, and V2 Raven.


ViarBoxAnother interesting and top-rated virtual reality headset that’s available for you in the market is ViarBox. It’s a unique VR cardboard viewer that’s developed from eco-friendly materials. What’s really interesting about ViarBox, is that it works with every cardboard app from Google. The splendid design of this virtual reality viewer is what makes it stand out from its competitors. Considering the fact that it’s highly comfortable, you can easily wear it for a long time while having virtual reality experiences.

VRKiX Virtual Reality Headset

VRKiX-VR-HeadsetAll those people who are looking forward to buying a VR device that comes with an augmented reality option, apart from the regular features which are included in all most all the VR viewers, should go for VRKiX Virtual Reality Headset. This extremely amazing Virtual Reality Headset comes with gigantic optical resin lenses which are easily adjustable, extensive screen, adjustable smartphone tray, and elastic head straps – which are again adjustable.

Priced at only $ 39.99, VRKiX is really one of those comfy headsets which can be worn by users for long viewing sessions as it comes with a stunning facial cushion.

Its extensive optical resin lenses are extremely helpful when it comes to saving yourself from eye fatigue as they help in minimizing deformity and eliminating glare. On top of that, you can also adjust pupil distance and lens depth.

Even through the craze for VR headsets is growing increasingly across the world, a large number of people are still confused about whether it’s worth spending money on these devices or not. And if you are one among them, let me tell you that all the VR headsets mentioned in this post are worth every penny, as far as escaping to a virtual world is concerned.

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