HoloPaint- The new AR tool

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The art of drawing just got an uplift – enter the world of Feature Graphic .

Adding to your tool basket it’s a great freestyle drawing and coloring tool for your creative thinking…

Art world is catching up with the technology and in today’s world of Virtual and Augmented Reality, HoloPaint is the new dimension when it comes to adding color, depth and design creations in your real world environment

So what is HoloPaint?

HoloPaint is a new tool in augmented reality drawing & painting that allows the user to paint freely in their real world 3D space. With the array of color schemes, it is easy to pick the right combination to achieve the desired design. HoloPaint features area learning and depth sensing to let your drawings stay anchored to exactly where you painted them, also allowing you to snap your paint brush directly onto any surface around you!

 HoloPaint includes a range of tools to facilitate drawing freeform lines, straight lines, perfect circles and squares and even animated brush textures.  Let your creativity flow as you walk through your art and share your creations with others. 

Currently, it works on Tango and Lenovo, but the company is trying to get the tool to be headset compatible ( like HTC Vive , Oculus and more )

Come, give a try to HoloPaint and see how your creativity gets an uplift……


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