Great News for Gamers: Doom 3 Mod is Now in VR

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Doom 3 Mod is now officially in VR – the moment gamers have been waiting for.

Game developers go beyond what is seemingly impossible to bring forth the best gaming experience for all gamers.

Doom 3 has been in existence since the early 2000’s – 2004 to be exact. It was updated in 2012 and is called Doom 3: BFG Edition. The sound and graphics have improved at this stage. It even supports 3D display.

Last year, Codes4Fun, a game developer, made it possible for the game to be played in Virtual Reality. It can be played using the HTC Vive as the wearable device.

This game does not require the player to move around, saving a great deal of space and of course, a gamer’s effort. But admit it, it is quite hard to just sit back and relax with such a thrilling game as this one.

Virtual Reality is being rivaled by Augmented Reality in terms of sales and demand, but the game is not over for VR. The trick, according to VR enthusiasts, is to improve VR content to make it more interesting to the target clientele. By making games that require the necessary hardware, VR wearable developers such as the HTC Vive will continue to thrive in the business.

Doom 3 Mod Top Features

Here are the primary features of Doom 3:

  • With 90 frames per second.
  • Allows for precise flashlight hand control and gun movement.
  • Does not cause any motion sickness.
  • Works with an omnidirectional treadmill.
  • Available to use with HTC Vive.
  • Exclusively for VR applications.
  • Interactive and fun.
  • Easy to control.
  • More advanced with better graphics and sound.

Gamers have started to feature this game in YouTube reviews, which means that it is starting to become more and more popular. For its developer, the first choice would always be VR because of its tendency to immerse the gamer into the virtual world exclusively.

Many have been comparing the successes and developments of VR an AR games but the sales metrics for competing companies are still on the rise because of the new VR and AR content developments.

For the new Doom 3 with VR features, the future is bright. Developers say gamers will experience more VR in the future with more gaming content that will satisfy their VR fantasies. They are encouraging avid VR gamers to try out the new Doom 3 for a more advanced VR gaming experience.

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