Google’s Vision Of IoT Is Highly Riveting!

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During Google’s Ubiquity IoT Developer Summit, which took place in San Francisco on 11th and 12th January 2016, the company presented its detailed vision of IoT (Internet of Things) which according to industry experts was extremely enthralling.

Google’s Ubiquity IoT Developer Summit

Since the time Google had announced that it is going to host IoT Developer Summit in January 2016, tech enthusiasts from across the globe were looking forward to this event to get some exciting updates about cutting-edge technologies.

According to media reports, the company’s vision of IoT includes open source code as well as designs which are all set for pilot projects and prototype.

Considering the fact that, google’s vision of IoT, cloud services and open source framework is tremendously captivating or riveting, it eventually creates a new benchmark for the company when it comes to delivering desirable products and services to consumers. In addition to that sailing safely in today’s competitive technology market is no joke, which not only applies to Google but all the technology firms across the planet.

However, the kind of investments that the company has been doing in R&D when it comes to geo-location technologies, cloud services, and machine learning, etc., easily distinguishes its constructive vision about IoT.

According to reports, Google believes that machine learning techniques can be optimized when it comes to teaching Internet of Things networks how to behave smartly and intelligently, to get desirable outcomes.

For example, ITTT formula – which stands for “If This Then That” works well when it comes to the effective control and integration of Internet of Things devices.


Tensorflow- which is Google’s incredible machine learning project, provides the developers with stunning tools that are necessary for developing large-scale as well high-end IoT networks, which can help people in things like controlling the traffic. These IoT systems are largely based on powerful sensors.

Over the years, the company has invested tremendously in geolocation research, to develop high-end geolocation APIs which can me optimized by developers when it comes to creating geographic positions for navigation apps. This eventually ends up in strengthening GPS, when ultimately helps people in locating geographical positions with high accuracy.

Though it’s true that IoT is still in its early development stage, considering the fact that Google works aggressively in the field of R&D, people are hopeful that the company will come up with something interesting in the coming times.

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