Google Preparing A New Smartphone With Virtual Reality Support

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This time, there is a very serious news about virtual reality as Google Inc. is said to be getting ready to unveil a new-fangled smartphone headset.

According to The Financial Times, the new headset will succeed Cardboard, and would be featuring much better sensors, lenses, and a more solid plastic skin.

It’s said the product is the like of Samsung’s Gear VR since it will use a smartphone to display as well as most of its processing power. The only difference is that the current Cardboard VR headset is just a cardboard headset like its name with an inserted smartphone, while the new one will be coming with an extra motion sensor for adding whatever the phone places out.

Going by a post of The Financial Times, unlike the Gear VR that works with just a limited range of Samsung phones. The new Google’s virtual reality headset will be working with a little wider range of Android devices compared to Gear VR.

Google Preparing A New Smartphone

Other than the headset, Google is rumored to be looking forward to building a virtual reality support into the android system itself so that all the future releases of android natively support it. On the contrary, the current approach with the cardboard depends on applications to deliver the virtual reality experience. To be exact, the application of native virtual reality support, is said to stun the present issues whereby latency causes some of the users to feel nauseous, the notion being that virtual reality support parched into android at its central may stun lag time issues.


Though it is fair to note that Google is more or less late regarding taking virtual reality seriously, which puffed up, rightly or wrongly, as the next biggest thing. It is as well careless not to point out that the Google Cardboard VR headset has become temperately successful, with 5 million units having been shipped to date.

While virtual reality supremacy battle is ahead of us in the extensive market, with a number of releases in line for the year ahead, the lower end virtual reality headsets utilizing smartphones for the screens may yet be a major market in case virtual reality takes off, mainly given the undue prices being charged by Oculus Rift and its likes as well as the conventional experience offered by HTC Vive.

Apple might have commercialized and promoted the market of the smartphone with its iPhone, but it was the dead cheap Android devices which eventually made smartphones globally ubiquitous, again it might be that cheap headset catering for the lower end market that would make virtual reality universal as well.

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