Gemalto Takes IOT To New Heights By Unveiling LTE Cat. M1 Wireless Module

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Gemalto, which is popular worldwide for being a global digital security company that offers cutting-edge software applications to its clients has recently unveiled a wireless module for providing high-end Internet of Things Solutions. Gemalto, which is headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands is also the biggest manufacturer of SIM Cards across the world.

Gemalto’s new LTE Cat. M1 wireless module will help in enhancing the use of IoT solutions in different sectors such as asset tracking, fleet management, agriculture, and smart grid etc. In addition to that, this wireless module for IoT can also be used for smart city applications.

And since the LTE Cat. M1 wireless module can be used in different sectors it eventually helps in taking network efficiency to a next level. The Cinterion® LTE Cat. M1 solution is specially designed for Machine-to-Machine or M2M communications and IoT applications. Apart from that, it is also very essential for improved power savings. That means its power saving technology enhances the battery life to more than 10 years in certain use cases. LTE Cat. M1 wireless module is a perfect option if you are looking forward to achieving strong network connectivity and high-quality indoor coverage as in the case of asset tracking. In short, this module can bring efficiency as far as the use of healthcare solutions, industrial sensors, and asset trackers are concerned.

Gemalto’s new module is the first and only one of its kind Internet of Things solution for  LTE Cat. M1 chipset. It’s an LPWA module that stands for “the low-power, wide-area” and it provides quality in-building coverage. In addition to that, it is also very significant when it comes to in-ground penetration.

The module effectively works on LTE spectrum and as far as a single hardware device is concerned it has the potential to support nearly 10 plus frequency bands. In this way, it totally eradicates the requirement of using different variants which are used for the same purpose.

It is believed that in the coming time this new wireless module will be capable of running  LTE NB-IoT protocols on the existing hardware. In this way, it will enable the customers to take the advantages of advanced network standards.

The LTE Cat. M1 module is supported by all the prominent mobile equipment manufacturers along with the chipset and module developers. The best part is that it is compatible with 2G, 3G, and 4G networks and provides the users with high-level of security. The kind of security that is provided by it is quite similar to the one offered by cellular technology and Global System for Mobile Communications or GSM technology.

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