GARnie app, give life to your 3d models with Augmented Reality

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More and more companies try to get a market share in Augmented and Mixed Reality. Recently it’s Snapchat which showed his vision with world lenses or Facebook with future platform’s AR studio.
And since Apple bought Metaio company, it’s almost sure, it is going to publish AR, MR softwares and hardwares.

So it’s an evidence that AR, MR will have an important place in the future.
However these companies will have need developers to give a sense to the AR and MR and show that can be used in lot of fields like education or medicine and not only video games.

So I decided also to work on an AR project. It’s an app named GARnie and it works with Android phones having a gyroscope. The purpose of this app is to create 3d scenes using real environments and virtual elements.

Today, you can add your own obj file, but I hope soon you could add anyone formats like fbx, or dae and make interactions similar to models animated which are by default in the app.
With this app, you can add your 3d model everyone in the scene on a vertical and horizontal plane, without to use markers.

Currently you can add until 2 models in same time in your scene but this number will increase in the future.
After posing your models, you can interact with modifying their rotation, scale, their translation, animation speed or play animation clips.
Then when you will have to finish your scene, you could share your creations taking pictures or saving a video.

This app is for all people who want easily to use the abilities of AR, share your 3d models using a real environment like background or create original scenes with models already existing, with just your smartphone, without buy expensive hardwares or softwares.

If you want to download the app:

You could also follow the progress of this app on my twitter: @ModeLolito, or GARnie Facebook page:


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