Fox Sports Stuns The World By Introducing AR To NFL Game

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As the use of technology is growing across the world, the Fox Broadcasting Company’s programming division Fox Sports has surprised the world by bringing augmented reality (AR) to National Football League (NFL).

Fox Sports, which is owned by one of the most renowned multinational media companies in the world called the 21st Century Fox, came up with a stunning augmented-reality graphics package that helped in putting an extensive scoreboard in the middle of the ground and then displayed a quarterback comparison through it.

Yes, you heard that right, during a recent NLF game between the New York Giants and the Cowboys, Fox Sports rolled a unique AR graphics which placed a giant 3D scoreboard that showed an extensive quarterback comparison.

As the ariel Skycam moves closer to the 3D scoreboard, viewers get to see it in a better way, which enhances their experience of watching football like anything. It allows people to explore the graphics when it comes to viewing the live action. Fox Sports has successfully provided first of its kind augmented reality experience to football fans and it was worth watching.

According to a report, Fox Sports’ senior vice president of technical operations Michael Davies said that it’s only the starting of what you can actually expect from augmented reality graphics.


Skycam remains the major highlight of this unique augmented reality graphics package as it helps in offering a high-end view of the game. Without the assistance of a top-notch Skycam, it is just next to impossible to offer this kind of augmented reality experience to the audience.

It is learned that Fox Sports is working on Skycam, Vizrt as well as Sportvision, in order to offer even better AR experiences to the audience as far as viewing a football match is concerned.

As far as Skycam is concerned, it helps in providing necessary information or data for that matter to Fox Sports in terms of the placement of the camera and the kind of work it is doing. On the other hand, Sportvision helps in offering information associated with optical tracking and then combines the data that’s provided by the Skyscam. Whereas . Vizrt is nothing but a graphics engine that helps in developing 3D graphics by considering the camera position. In addition to that lens zoom and lens distortion are also considered by Vizrt before producing the 3D graphics.

As of now, the fans are really happy with the imitative taken by Fox Sports and their expectations are increasing day by day from it, when it comes to providing them with the unique game viewing experience.

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