Five Amazing Trends That Will Transform How You Experience Home Life

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After a long day of work, most of us will want to go home, turn on the music system as we freshen up. Like it or not, this will turn around with time, though not with respect to working hours, but how home life is experienced by different people.

What brings the change?

The existence of Internet of Things (IoT) services, technologies and gadgets have considerably created an impact in the way we lead our daily lives, right from our places of work, to lunch breaks, and certainly to our lives at home. Today, we do not need to be present physically to handle some of the daily chores and tasks. Whether it is an alarm system you need to activate, or simply provide your international guest with the access to your reserved garage because of long, endless board meeting, it’s possible to take control of all your devices from wherever you are.

These advancements have made us place efficiency as the priority in the custody of our home devices. Here we take a look at five trends that will change the way we experience home life.

  • Rise of tools and services encouraging and supporting DIY solutions

DIY solutions have blown up onto the technology scene. People are so eager today to take control of their outcomes, right from Do-It-Yourself sites to the slight home installation hacks. Patrick Moorhead from Moor Insight and Strategy claims he commonly encounters messages and also displays as regards to DIY home automation products and services.

  • Multi-Device Support Will Be Prioritized

Multi-Device Support Will Be Prioritized

One of the key challenges of IoT systems according to Deloitte, is on the idea that they fail to convey a wholesome reversal system for its users. More precisely, to truly do well in this vibrant marketplace, IoT companies as well as service providers need to come up with apposite measures to gather data and also monitor home devices remotely, irrespective of the form of the physical device.

  • Many Emerging Players Operating Within Space Of IoT

Numbers do not lie. According to CB insights, there are more than 140 companies operating within the IoT space and chances are that this figure is likely grow exponentially. Though this list converts IoT players across a number of industries and not just home systems, the growth is not easy to ignore. In terms of capital, this space is projected to grow to about $300 billion by 2020.

  • Fast-Paced Lifestyle Demand Immediate Digital Control

As aforementioned, our work doesn’t follow the generic 9-5 schedule anymore. During busy schedules, we go many places doing a lot of tasks. As such, our home-based chores have to be expedited. This particular evolution in life requires complete, turnkey tech solutions that can easily get new users onboard and allow them to quickly and remotely connect to their home devices.

  • Safety And Security Prioritized

Safety And Security Prioritized

There is no doubt, we are living in an age known for chaos, terror, and the occasional neurotic neighbor we all try to avoid. While the world is currently facing large security issues, experts such as SafeWise have also witnessed a trend towards home security automation and safety systems. Canary and Piper are two great examples of a handful of up-and-coming startups taking advantage of this trend.

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