FIVARS 2016 – It’s Time To Sit Back And Enjoy Some AR & VR Flicks

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As the city of Toronto is all set to host “The Festival of International Virtual and Augmented Reality Stories (FIVARS) 2016” all the tech freaks from across the county are looking forward to enjoying some of the most immersive VR and AR flicks during the event.

FIVARS which is starting from September 16 and will continue to run until 18th of this month, is expected to be attended by a large number of people, considering the fact that it talks about filmmaking and storytelling in the most advanced way possible.

FIVARS, which will now be celebrated for the second time in Toronto, is the only augmented reality and virtual reality film festival of it’s kind in the country. It’s, in fact, the first AR and VR film festival that is hosted by Canada.

The Festival of International Virtual and Augmented Reality Stories, which came into the picture in 2015 for the first time focuses on showcasing some of the best AR and VR content from across the globe.

Some of the official selections for the FIVARS 2016 include VR films like Born Into Exile, Knives, Defrost Ep1 & 2, Help, Invisible, The Click Effect, Edge of Space, Decompensation and Gotthard 360 etc.vr-filmsFIVARS gives the opportunity to all the tech lovers to come under one platform and share their thoughts and experiences with the audience in order to create a greater awareness about virtual reality and augmented reality.

During the festival presentations will be given by prominent personalities which revolve around the use of AR and VR in cinema. People are Dan Yashinsky (founder of the Toronto Festival of Storytelling), and Joergen Geerds and Thomas Wallner ( members of the Edge of Space team) will give the presentations during the event.

The two most important personalities associated with this event are Keram Malicki-Sanchez, who is the Founding Director and Festival Curator of the event and Joseph Ellsworth who is Community Liaision and Technical Coordinator for this festival.

The entire purpose of organizing FIVARS is to explore the scope and importance of virtual reality and augmented reality in the world of cinema and to nurture and motivate those filmmakers and directors who are working aggressively in this area to provide something new and more entertaining to the audience.

FIVARS is listed on, which is nothing but a unique platform owned by that gives an opportunity to filmmakers when it comes to submitting their creations or works to film festivals.

It remains the first ever virtual reality film festival to showcase the world’s first VR film called the Manslaughter.

When you watch a general film in a movie theater, you know it fully that you are sitting in a chair and watching a scene unfold in front of you, however, when it comes to viewing a virtual reality film you actually get transported into a virtual world and hence it gives a more realistic experience.

VRTO Presents
September 16 – 18, 2016
MSMU Studio, 950 Dupont Street, 2nd Floor

Friday, Sept 16th 2016
Open from 11am – 7pm
Press and Industry Opening Reception from 7:30-9pm

Saturday, Sept 17th 2016
Open from 11am – 7pm
Edge of Space Presentation from 3pm-3:20pm
Panel with Sandy Smolan, Thomas Villepoux and Nima Dehghani from 3:30-3:50pm

Sunday, Sept 18th 2016
Open from 11am – 7pm
Fireside Chat with Dan Yashinski 3pm-3:20pm
Panel with Ian Tuason, Elli Raynai and Andrew MacDonald from 3:30-3:50pm

To preview any of the stories, visit
To purchase tickets please visit:
Advance Tickets $30, At the Door $35
Tickets are sold in one-hour blocks for a total 30 minutes of viewing.

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