Firefox FlyWeb offers platform-agnostic IoT interactions

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IoT has widened the horizons of technology in different areas. In every sector, we get the benefit of technology and IoT.
Now, the browsers will be able to directly interact with the IoT-based devices, avoiding all other networks except the local one with the help of the framework developed by Mozilla.

The feature called FlyWeb is built into the Firefox for supporting as a ‘baked’ option if its present configuration is maintained. The demonstration of the above said technology involves an Android phone that will be used to serve a web app to a web browser similar to a TV, with touch events forwarded through a WebSocket to the TV.

In a descriptive video, it is been shown that the TV images emerges again when a woman throws her mobile video game in Chromecast style on the large TV screen and continues to play the game. The image of the game she is playing is been displayed on the TV screen. Further, we see that a kiosk functionality is being created using the FlyWeb on a laptop. Many users approach it with their FlyWeb- enabled devices or phones which personalize the laptop through FlyWeb osmosis to the settings of the individual.

We can see that FlyWeb is connecting to an ESP8266 “$5 WiFi” chip with a temperature sensor which will be a proxy for a home’s domestic environmental system.

A Toronto-based software developer Kannan Vijayan describes the whole concept of the project. He explains that the users can have their devices as servers in their own vicinity without being over-burdened by IP traffic and the inevitable latency and annoyance. The technology of FlyWeb has made it possible for the local servers to have the facility of advertising themselves without interrupting the users with the IP traffic and stuff.

The IoT ecosystem has created an environment where the technology helps the device in providing the HTML5-based apps to the FlyWeb for facilitating the interactions. This, in turn, creates a transient customer experience similar to that of visiting a webpage.

FlyWeb is technically an add-on that has an update cycle in sync with that of the browser’s update cycle. So, the user doesn’t need to update it manually for updating a particular functionality. The developers deeply believe that the IoT system can bring great advantages of security and convenience through FlyWeb.

Great security is assured to the local servers as they can advertise themselves without any burden of IP accountability and list of connections.

The FlyWeb module is located on a local disk and can be installed as well as deleted but can’t be removed in the nightly builds or even toggled. Moreover, there is no guarantee given that it won’t return in a Firefox upgrade.

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