Father Witnesses His Son’s Birth with Virtual Reality From 4,000 km Away

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Jace Larke, an Australian father, witnessed his wife Alison give birth to their third son through Virtual Reality.

At a distance of 4,000 km, while he was working as an electrical engineer at a remote mining site in Queensland, Jace was able to have a realistic view of his wife’s labor and giving birth on 20th of February this year. The heart-warming moment was made possible by Samsung’s Virtual Reality team.

The Setup

The team has set up cameras, streaming equipment, and microphones in Alison’s hospital room and provided Jace with a special VR headset. He was able to quickly view the room where Alison was in real time.

They are able to communicate and Jace almost felt like he was in there witnessing his son’s birth at a close distance. Alison also felt safer while Jace talked to her and eased the pain of giving birth. It was a special moment and the couple was very thankful of this one-of-a-kind pioneer experience.

VR Applications

Virtual Reality now has a lot of possibilities to offer. It brings families closer together even if they are not physically and geographically close to one another. VR applications allow for better, more interactive communication among people. The wearable technologies also make the experience even more immersive.

Taking Advantage

The couple found out they were expecting another child at five weeks and were really excited to share the good news to family and friends. However, during the 30th week, Jace’s contract to be assigned a t a remote mining site in Queensland, had been approved.

It meant that the father from Perth will not be able to attend his wife’s delivery. “It was more than likely he would miss the birth of our baby, pending a miracle, but that’s exactly what we got,” Alison recalled.

The Miracle

While the couple became anxious that they will be at two different corners of the country at the time of Steele’s birth, Samsung came to them like an angel of miracle. The company chose them to be the subject of its VR experiment.

The couple did not hesitate as this was the opportune moment for them to still share this family milestone even when they were thousands of miles apart.

Jace eventually made it home a week after to see his youngest son for the first time.

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