Factory Workers Become Superheroes with Wearable Tech and IoT

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Factory workers are acquiring superhuman abilities with a new Sci-Fi wearable technology fueled by no less than the Internet of Things or IoT.

Sci-Fi tech experts are now eyeing the possibility of adding cool factor in the workplace with the workers as the main subjects, themselves. The experiment will be conducted at the Tata Steel and Tata Motors factories. The factory workers will be granted superhuman strength so they will be able to carry heavy loads and take on responsibilities that only huge machines can do.

How is this possible? Ask the Harvard University researchers, who are the ones responsible for the planning and implementation of the research program.

Research Alliance

Harvard University worked with Tata Communication, Tata Sons, Tata Steel and JLR starting last year to conduct soft-robotics experiment. They have used several wearable breakthroughs such as special bodysuits and wearable gloves. These are the main “superpowers” of the factory workers to enable them to carry heavy materials, tools, and basically become “robots” themselves.

This alliance had been working wonders for the Tata company and its affiliates. They are still working on the development of the program and how they can effectively utilize the IoT to make these wearables even more effective for work.

How it Works

The wearables are called Exosuit – a name coined by the Harvard Researchers who worked intensively to make this possible. The exosuit is made of functional textiles that have a mechanism that can come in synch with the wearer’s walking mechanics.

It targets the joints of the leg to support it when carrying heavy loads. It also has an actuation system powered by cables that can be connected to the joints.

Productivity and Efficiency

The Harvard University researchers claim that the factory workers will be 50% more efficient and productive at work. With the exosuit, they will be able ti perform labor-intensive tasks with so much ease.

The worker will not, by no means, look like Iron Man, Robocop, or a Terminator. Instead, the factory worker will only appear as if he has an added PPE or Personal Protective Equipment.

The research is still on its pioneering stages, since it is still considered as a trial. Future plans reveal that the researchers are doing the best they could to improve the system and to ultimately make the wearable technology safer and glitch-free so that the factory workers will be kept safe and sound while at work.

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