Facebook Working On A VR Teleporter

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Facebook’s Chief Technical Officer, Mike Schroepfer has announced the company’s plans to build a virtual reality Teleporter for transporting users anywhere in the world – virtually. Perhaps Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus was one of the steps in this direction.

Here is what Schroepfer said, “Facebook wants to build a device that allows you to be anywhere you want, with anyone, regardless of geographic boundaries”.

Facebook working on a VR Teleporter

As stated by Business Insider, Schroepfer envisions that “Oculus will be able to trick your senses into thinking its virtual world is real, mimic the world around you in real-time and give regular people the ability to create anything they imagine in 3D”.

Facebook is in the process of launching the Oculus Touch controllers. This technology can be used to detect your movements to let you interact with objects in the virtual world. While using it, you would feel as if you are touching those objects in real. Oculus is also testing a combination of a pressure sensor in the Oculus Rift device with a camera for capturing your facial expression.

Facebook Working On VR Teleporter

Combined, these devices will help users mimic their real-world expressions. Along with Microsoft’s HoloLens and other Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies, the Facebook Teleporter will add another exciting element in the game.

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