Facebook, Inc. Plans to Introduce Virtual Reality to Mobile Phones Through a 360-Degree Video App

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Facebook, Inc. Plans to Introduce Virtual Reality to Mobile Phones Through a 360-Degree Video App

In its constant efforts to bring innovative ideas to the public domain, social networking giant, Facebook, Inc. is now working towards introducing virtual reality to mobile phones. Yes, you heard it right, after acquiring Oculus VR for approximately $2 billion last year, Facebook, Inc. is now working on a 360-degree video app for mobile phones.

The 360-degree video app, which is created with multiple cameras is expected to work on numerous platforms, including devices operated with the Android operating system and devices launched by Apple Inc. According to reports, the app is still in its initial stages of development and there is no formal information on its launch so far.

Once launched, the app would allow cell phone users to make differences in their viewing perspective simply by tilting or moving their phones.

Though, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, Inc. has said multiple times that after mobile phones, virtual reality is the next computing platform, however, it is true that the company has not made any official statement about its virtual reality initiative for mobile phones so far.

Ross Sandler, who is a Deutsche Bank analyst, said in a research note Friday, “Oculus firmly believes that VR will initially be popular with hard-core gamers and enthusiasts who are willing to invest in high-end desktop computers for gaming for the next two years. ”

While talking about Zuckerberg’s vision, he said, “Zuckerberg’s own vision is much broader than this, but it may take a few years to play out.”

In a statement given earlier this year in March, Zuckerberg spoke about Facebook’s support for spherical video by saying that it will allow users to, “move around inside the video and view it from different angles.”

Though it is true that when compared to a headset, this particular mobile-video app would provide the users with slightly less immersive experience, but it is believed that it would enhance Facebook’s presence in virtual reality. Facebook’s mobile video app will surely allow a large number of people to experience virtual reality technology.

According to Deutsche Bank, in the coming year, Oculus is expected to sell approximately 1.5 million headsets. However, Gartner, a market-research firm, says that global phone shipments are going to cross two billion in the same year. This indicates that cell phones are in a better condition to introduce virtual reality to people across the world.

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