Facebook Acquires VR Start-Up ‘Two Big Ears’ For An Undisclosed Sum

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In a recent development, social networking giant Facebook has acquired an Edinburgh-based virtual reality start-up called the ‘Two Big Ears,’ for an undisclosed sum. Facebook’s acquisition of the ‘Two Big Ears’ definitely sets a new benchmark for the rest of the companies which are also trying to come up with their unique virtual reality devices.

Considering the fact that Facebook truly sees tremendous potential in virtual reality as far as transforming human life in the future is concerned, there is hardly any doubt that the company is working vigorously in this field.

Facebook Acquires VR Start-Up

Two Big Ears, which specializes in VR audio, was founded back in 2013 by Varun Nair and Abesh Thakur, students from the University of Edinburgh. However, the company has increased the strength of its board recently by appointing George Elliott and Neil Heywood as its non-executive directors. George Elliott was the former finance chief for a company called Wolfson, whereas Neil Heywood was Codeplay Software’s chairman.

The Two Big Ears was established with an intention of supporting companies that develop video games when it comes to enhancing the quality of their products by adding spatial audio. As far as spatial audio technology is concerned it is nothing but the technique of reproducing sound in actual 3D space with the assistance of sound processing technology, speakers, and amplifiers.

That means, when users are transported to their virtual world with the support of a virtual reality headset, it should offer them a kind of audio which matches their surroundings effectively. For example, if a user is virtually transported to a forest, then the audio offered by the VR headset to the person in question must match the sounds produced in the forest. In that way, a highly immersive virtual reality experience can be offered to the users.

Facebook Acquires VR Start-Up ‘Two Big Ears’ For An Undisclosed Amount

According to reports, Facebook is expected to use the audio technology of Two Big Ears in its virtual reality projects. Apart from that, “Facebook 360 Spatial Workstation” which is nothing but an audio software suite of Two Big Ears, for virtual reality and 360 video, can now be downloaded for free via Facebook.

The deal comes a few months after the company has started shipping its iconic virtual reality headset Oculus Rift to consumers across the world.

Earlier, Facebook had purchased Oculus Rift for a whopping $2 billion.

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