Evidence That Virtual Reality Is The Next Big Thing For Apple

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There is increasingly many evidence indicating that Apple is working out something with the virtual reality technology. It is indeed their dream to ensure every viewer is immersed into a completely computer-generated world.

For decades, virtual reality has been a major dream for the futurists. However, technology hasn’t been so good for its take off. Apple launching a product would show a different turn for the industry. Although Apple is infamously tight-lipped, a great project of a bigger size cannot be easily kept under wraps.

Here are some of the evidence that we have hints about:

1. Apple’s Staffing

Already, Apple has a distinct division working on the virtual and augmented reality technologies, and according to Tim Bradshaw of Financial Times, that team has previously been structuring prototype headsets for some months.

LinkedIn profiles have reflected certain hiring trend, for instance, Apple has hired Doug Bowman, a Virginia Tech researcher who studies human-computer interaction, and particularly 3-Dimentional interfaces, that kind of UI that would be required for Apple’ new virtual reality headset.

Additionally, the company recently hired Nick Thompson, who worked on Microsoft’s augmented reality headset, HoloLens recently.

2. Apple Has Bought About Four Startups Specializing In Related Technologies

Even though Apple had not made a multibillion-dollar squelch like Facebook when it purchased Oculus for $2 billion, it’s still the leader buyer regarding virtual reality startups. Some of Apple’s latest purchases include:

FaceShift; a company was transforming the face of the user to a 3-Dimentional digital cartoon in real time.

VR Is Apple's Next Big Thing For

Metaio; a German-based company that came up with an app which envisages what the digital furniture may seem like in your home.

Metaio Virtual Reality Is The Next Big Thing For Apple

PrimeSense; this was purchased in 2013 for $360 million. The company came up with a camera and a video sensor hardware, particularly tuned for the computer-vision applications.

Prime Sense VR Is The Next Big Thing For Apple

FlyBy Media; this company had worked with Apple and Google on computer vision, a technology that is closely linked to virtual and augmented reality.

3. Recently, Apple Begun Selling A Product Which Turns An iPhone To A Virtual-Reality Headset

Now, Apple’s online store stocks Mattel’s new View-Master. This product turns your iPhone into a virtual reality headset, and this is all indication that Apple is well aware it cannot overlook the phone-based virtual reality that has been pushed by Google primarily.

4. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO Couldn’t Deny His Interest When Asked

When the earnings call to run down, Cook responded to a question about the ambitions of Apple on virtual reality and he was very clear, it wasn’t a denial, though it isn’t a confirmation either. He said, “I don’t think VR is a niche,” Cook replied. “I think it’s really cool and has some interesting applications.

Tim Cook VR Is The Next Big Thing For Apple

Next Big Thing

Possibly, Apple may be needing its virtual reality initiative more that the virtual reality industry needs Apple. The Company requires a new hit. iPhone is a crazily successful product. However, it is facing a sales decline for the first time.

Anything that Apple puts out would be contending against giants in the world of technology, who have also been working on these products for quite some time.

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