Ensuring a bright future for Virtual Reality calls for immediate Hardware breakthrough

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Reports show that fewer than 1% of computers on the market are ready for virtual reality.

VR is the major milestone to enable the Mixed Reality era. An era when we’ll be able to virtually meet someone at a restaurant, while he is actually dining in a different room, possibly in a faraway place. Nonetheless, all the people in the restaurant could see him and he could see them. There are many more examples for mixed reality and even wikipedia has  an entry about it.

However, the road to mixed reality goes through VR and right now it seems to be on one of its major challenges preventing it from taking on the masses.

According to NVIDIA, less than 1% of PCs on the market this year will be able to handle high-end VR systems like Facebook’s Oculus Rift. That means that right now just 13 million PCs are capable of running Oculus’ product

In order for PCs to catch up to VR’s potential, NVIDIA claims they need to be about 7 times more powerful than they currently are.

The hardware challenge is back. The last time it struck was few years ago, just before the smartphones era.

Smartphones were made a commodity thanks to a hardware breakthrough, which proved that a computer doesn’t have to be the size of a PC or even a laptop.

Now is the time to find cheaper hardware that could run VR smoothly.

But who is to solve it?!

With the release of Facebook’s Oculus headset in the coming months, some are counting on Facebook to solve the hardware matter as soon as possible. But apparently Facebook are NOT planning to solve it, nor even planning to try.

Two months ago (November 2015), Mark Zuckerberg answered an investor , “It’s important also to recognize that this is going to grow slowly, like computers and mobile phones when they first arrived. So we’re committed to Oculus and virtual reality for the long term.”

Solving the hardware issue will make VR (and us) fly and take off for real.

Well, Facebook may not solve the issue. However, it might as well acquire the company who will...

Solutions anyone?!



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