Emergence of Virtual Reality in the Classrooms

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Technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, and haptic feedbacks are emerging successfully in almost every sector today, facilitating the users with an immersive experience of whatever they do. It has become difficult to differ these technological realities and others as they are getting combined under one category and it is called artificial reality. Plans have been made to introduce virtual reality in the classrooms with an aim of providing students with an immersive study experience.

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The tech market saw many different technologies emerging which included Google Glass, the Oculus Rift Headset, HTC Vive, Microsoft HoloLens, GearVR, Google Daydream headset and several others. All these have been successful so far and few others have not been able to make it to the commercial market.

With the rapidly growing technologies, now the classrooms are keen on absorbing these technologies to provide the student with an experience of what they actually study rather than just having an explanation of it. The technology is still in the evolving stage and also the cost of the headsets is high to be affordable by everyone and the cheaper headsets need powerful phones to support them. For a classroom, just a central device with a headset won’t work and so, every student will require having their own devices and headsets or the school will have to do the obligation.

The growth of virtual reality is rapid and the phones are been replaced by the peripheral devices like handheld controllers and sensors that give a different feel to the virtual reality experience. Use of more expensive and advanced hardware will require having transmitters and receivers on the walls and many wires rung between the kit. All this will definitely create an immersive experience for the students.

The main aim of introducing virtual reality to the classrooms is to transform the experience to “feel” the content of study rather than just learning it. Sevenoaks School is encouraging this concept of using virtual reality in the classrooms and the teachers and the students as well are exploring this technology.

The introduction of virtual reality technology in the classrooms will definitely uplift the way of learning through giving immersive experiences to the teachers and the students. Moreover, it is always better to see and feel the things yourself rather than just having an explanation to it. So, the student will explore new findings in their study and will feel their content around them through the technology.

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