Dutch Police Discovers An AR System To Identify Criminals

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You must have heard about the successful use of augmented reality in several fields by now, but have you ever thought that this powerful technology can also be used in investigating crime scenes. Though it’s actually true that AR is now being used for processing crime scenes with an intention of identifying actual criminals, however, when you get to hear such a thing for the first time it might sound a little weird.

A European country called the Netherlands is allowing its police to make use of an augmented reality system which is developed by the researchers at the Delft University of Technology. The augmented reality system on which researchers have been working for the last five years, is expected to bring a whole lot of changes in terms of how criminal investigations are carried out by police along with the support of forensic experts.

Dragoş Datcu, who is a prominent researcher at an augmented reality company called the Twnkls, has worked extremely hard for this AR projects along with other researchers from Delft University of Technology.

The AR system developed by Dragoş Datcu’s team is now being tested by Dutch police which is expected to offer a great support to them when it comes to catching criminals. The team of researchers is not only introducing this AR system to Dutch police but also to Dutch Fire Brigade and the Netherlands Forensic Institute so that the required authorities from all these departments can also play a crucial in the investigation process.


According to Dragoş Datcu though the police department has not yet bought this AR system, but it is expected to be purchased by them in the next six months.


With the support of this AR system, the officers investigating the crime scene will be easily able to send the videos to forensic experts directly who will then help the police officers to pick the right evidence from there. For example, there are various things at the crime scene such as a bottle of wine, a handkerchief, a half smoked cigarette, or a pen lying down on a table etc. Now the forensic experts, communicating with the police officers from hundreds of kilometers away can easily guide them in terms of what exactly to pick from the crime scene which can help in further investigations.

All this can be done easily because the investigating officer at the crime scene wears a vest that’s laced with a camera, that helps in capturing the videos which are eventually streamed to the forensic experts guiding the police officer in question. With the support of videos captured at the crime scene, forensic experts provide necessary advice to the police officer.

Though the police offers are still learning how to use this tech effectively when it comes to identifying the real criminals, but it looks like once it’s actually used it can make a huge difference.

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