Disney’s Coloring Book App Offers Creative Augmented Reality Authoring Tool

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This App is the Company’s Attempt to Foster Augmented Creativity

Disney Research has invented a coloring book app that employs Augmented Reality to make characters leap from the page into 3D world.

How it Works

A child draws and colors a character on a page. The page is monitored by the app which records the moves of the kid while drawing. Based on the child’s coloring, the app fills in colors in real-time on an animated 3D version of the picture drawn by the child. Immediately it becomes visible on the device’s screen and gets integrated into a video.

The core advantage of Disney app is it does not separate the children from traditional and real-life drawing experiences. What it adds is – magical digital overlay that enhances engagement.

Watch the Video Below

You can observe in the video that this interactive Android and iOS coloring book app uses Unity game engine that converts colored drawing into an augmented reality object on the screen.

Disney Research’s ETH Zurich presented this Augmented Reality app at the IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR 2015) in Fukuoka, Japan.

According to Disney, this app is the company’s attempt to foster Augmented Creativity. Augmented Creativity focuses on using Augmented Reality to enhance creative play.

Robert W. Sumner of Disney Research says, “Augmented Reality holds unique and promising potential to bridge between real-world activities and digital experiences, allowing users to engage their imagination and boost their creativity. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to present the scientific advances behind this technology,” continued Sumner, “and are especially happy that it is available to consumers, thanks to our cooperation with Disney Publishing”.

This app automatically detects the character the user is coloring and displays the 3-D version on the screen. As it connects the paperwork with the virtual creations, one can be motivated to be more creative and imaginative while using the app. The full report describing the research behind this Disney app is available here.

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