Digital Hugs From Pari Smart Animal Toys

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Pari Smart Toys, capable of giving digital hugs, are now available in the market.

With regards to scientific facts, studies that show unlimited hugs and human’s natural need for body contact, specifically, are apparent at all levels of development.

The sad truth today is that most people have busy lives that they don’t actually care about regular contacts with loved ones because they tend to work and to travel often times without the companion of children.

First seen at CES 2017, Pari of Parihug, wishes to cut the space by making digital hugs that exactly feel realistic. These lovable smart toys were launched in April, 2017. Pari was developed by Xyla Foxlin, a twenty year old electrical engineer. This is a soft, gray-colored huggable stuffed animal toy that is like hugging you back.

Pari has a built-in sensor of pressure especially to telegraph the contact or the hug made. Foxlin said that this device is more effective and affective than a message or call from home.

This device is also cited to be internet-connected which will help the working parents to be always connected with their children in a way that is more physical like. It could also solve longing of couples with the long distance relationship status. This device could also help in connecting parents with autistic children and for elder care.

A Pari can connect directly to smartphones applications by using bluetooth, where in users can register in multiple hugs recipients of Pari with each of them having their own hug smart animal toy Pari.

The toy also connects to Wi-Fi from home that allows the hugs to be delivered directly. This vibration hugs come with a large haptic motor in the inside  of every Pari’s technology module. Direct from the hugger’s wearable device or the smart toy, the module delivers a pulse-like heartbeats.

The device’s appearance was made to be very functional and adorable. It has an appropriate design that is noticeable when you hug a Pari. With its animal design, its tiny legs would hang below your arm which then holds the soft butt of Pari.

It has floppy arms in which one will rest on the hugger’s arm while its long head falls perfectly between head and shoulder. This device obviously hugs the user back even without a built-in vibrator.

Pari smart toys are washable, too. You just got to unzip the bottom and get the palm-sized square module out. It could always be easy to be put inside, too. Pari is operated battery and delivers digital and vibrating hugs for couple of months using a pair of AA batteries.

Foxlin has another exciting stretch after this, we will be expecting another colored Pari, blue perhaps soon when everybody longs to get hugged. The gray stuffed animal toy cost $75.





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