Design Engineer Uses Augmented Reality To Protect IP

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A Midlands design engineering business has introduced a new way for the manufacturers to protect their Intellectual Property (IP) through the implementation of augmented reality.


MarchantCain has developed its own application that enables to share the Computer Aided Design (CAD) models in real size, and in real size, and in 3-D, without giving away the valuable IP. The company’s newly developed method utilizes augmented reality to bounce a design file from a target, in order to generate a real life visualization of a product, that is relative to the size of the part. The design then can be skillfully influenced and viewed in detail. To keep the file secure, the target can be locked to an individual computer IP instruct to trigger it to shut down if accessed by a different device.

Rob Marchant, the company’s Managing Director says that “This newly developed method will solve many security issues associated with the way CAD files are currently shared through the supply chain. Problem arise as CAD file can display the detail and allows to manipulate the designs. Also, they are easy to copy and can leak IP”.
He further said that “Their method converts the CAD model into a visualization which can be further connected to an individual computer IP address”. He also said that “It can be manipulated and enlarged like a CAD file, but it won’t carry any IP address, unlike a CAD file“.

This new approach of sharing designs and drawings in manufacturing is simple to use. An image or a logo is the target that can be connected with the file as a printed PDF, on a computer, or through a device. To ensure the reduced usage of bandwidth, the visualization is compressed unlike that of a CAD file that is been electronically sent to a customer. A design can be brought to life once it is sent along with the target.

Kapersky reported that manufacturing businesses suffered a loss of 20% due to the loss of IP. Now, this newly invented approach will bring the different departments together. A CAD file can be shared only with someone who is technically sound with CAD knowledge and also knows how to interpret it. But, with this newly developed approach, you don’t need any technical knowledge to view a file. So, the purchasing and quality teams, along with design and engineering teams will be able to gain a good picture of a design, and understand how a product looks to price it precisely.

Thus, Rob Marchant said that “This newly developed approach with augmented reality will bridge the differences between the manufacturing businesses and other businesses”.

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