Decorilla’s VR App Allows Users To See Fully Furnished Homes & Offices In Advance

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Today every renowned brand is looking forward to utilizing virtual reality when it comes to allowing customers to buy suitable products and enhancing their sales at the same time. In order to do so, brands are coming up with their own virtual reality apps, which remain a crucial part of their advertising and marketing strategies, that help in attracting a wide range of customers as far as their products are concerned.

Considering the fact that virtual reality is used tremendously in marketing, Decorilla which is nothing but an online interior design firm has recently released a VR application.

Decorilla’s VR Application

According to reports, Decorilla’s VR app, which was launched by the company earlier this month through Google Play and Apple App Store will be used by users for viewing fully furnished homes and offices, much before they buy any sort of furniture for them.

In other words, if in case you bought a new house or office space, you can use Decorilla’s VR app to identify how will it look if you buy a certain type of furniture for it. That means without even buying the furniture, you can effectively figure out or view, how will that look in your room or house.

This is a great way of buying right kind of furniture for your house, which can go well with its design and color. All you have to do is have this application installed on your device and use a virtual reality headset with it.

With the assistance of this app, a remodeler gets the opportunity to strip down your house from one end to another and then arrange fresh furniture in it again. You can easily walk around your house, and figure out how it looks with this new arrangement.

According to reports, while talking about this VR app, Josh van Aalst the co-founder and head strategist at Decorilla gave a statement saying that “Given how affordable Google Cardboard is, and the national launch of marquee tools like Facebook’s Oculus Rift and Samsung’s VR headsets, it was a logical step to provide clients with an immersive experience of their new space.

It’s a kind of virtual reality app which can help the customers to buy a furniture which is not only important for them as far as their personal style is concerned but also the budget.

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