Creating Wonderful Interactive Experience for Kids with Beam Interactive Floor Game System

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Being an owner of the kids play area in the malls, day care centers, etc. you are responsible for creating fun games for kids that keep them entertained for a longer period and allow them to experience an excellent interactive session. In doing so, you need not rely on just toys and some swings but have access to the latest technology of Beam Interactive floor Game system. This system is composed of an interactive floor projection that engages kids to the maximum level.

So what is this Interactive Floor Projection?

A device that allows you to play images, videos and games on the floor using sensors to detect movements and respond by changing the projection on the floor. It also comes with cameras and infrared rays that capture the movements of the kids on the interactive floor game system. Installing the device is quite easy. The projector is mounted at a height, usually in the ceiling along with cameras, and it projects the games on the floor. You can modify the videos and music along with other settings of the projector to make it fit for promoting your brand/product. Creating unique and new effects using the built-in the configuration of the Beam interactive floor projector adds spice to the overall experience of the kids.

Beam Interactive Games Projector

Why are kids interested in Interactive Floor Game System?

Kids are particularly interested in interactive games as it allows them to be virtually present in the match. Multiplayer mode allows them to interact with other children and also enhances the prompt action and makes them more vigilant. Beam Interactive floor projection gives an ideal gaming area to children, and they feel more entertained and happy in this setup. Kids are of the view that they like the atmosphere of being the player itself instead of standing behind a computer screen for long hours and staring at the game while pushing the keypad. They love running and discovering things on their own. Interactive floor game system appreciates this need for the kids and provides an atmosphere to the children where they can have physical activity in a clean environment.

Do kids benefit from Interactive Floor Projection?

It is well known that kids benefit a lot from activities that involve interaction with their peers. Since Beam interactive floor game system is all about dealing with other kids and people through the use of multiplayer mode in games and watching videos and listening to audios in groups, it maximally benefits the children around us.

This technology is the best way to improve the cognitive skills of the kids. It also enhances motor skills by increasing coordination between the sensory and motor system of the human body. It is brought about by the games that portray real life situations. For example, if a kid is chasing coins in a match, he has to run and change directions to avoid barriers. Over the long term, it benefits the children when they grow up because their minds are better prepared to combat such situations requiring keen observation.

Beam Interactive floor projection also helps children in their studies. Usually, the images displayed can be modified so such arrangements can be installed in schools to promote learning. It helps the kids sharpen their mathematical solving skills and also improves focusing along with increasing their attention span.

Beam Interactive Games Projector

Where can I install this technology for kids to remain engaged and entertained?

The list is long. In simple terms, wherever the kids are you can install this Beam interactive gaming projector. The technology has been seen on the museum floors, hotels for the welcoming of guests, concerts, schools, malls and market places, play areas, and day care centers.

How cost effective is this Interactive Floor gaming system?

Being resulting in highly profitable, Interactive floor projector and gaming system is gaining popularity in different sectors. It is installed not only in kids play areas but also in museums, malls, schools, offices, etc. helping many to learn and conceptualize in a better manner.  The system, once installed, works for a lifetime with few maintenance charges per annum or so. It comes with a list of gaming updates and software updates that are readily available at affordable prices. The best part about the technology is that it’s cost-effective, reliable and sustainable. Moreover, you don’t need spacious rooms to install it. It can function just as well in small rooms, lit or unlit either ways. The system is designed such that it can suit your display needs along with your budget. You need not purchase the entire package rather you can invest only in the visual effects that you intend to use.

It’s time you invest your money in BEAM interactive floor projection system and get the maximum benefit from it. It takes your visual display needs to next level and the use of effect and sound scheduler allows you to transition between visual and sound effects as preferred. It keeps the kids entertained and provides them the most enjoyable interactive experience. For more information check out the Beam interactive games projector website at

Beam Interactive Games Projector

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