Xonne Mobile Solutions

Xonne Mobile Solutions

Xonne Mobile Solutions

Industry: IT and Services
Founded: 2011
Type: Privately Held
Size: 1-10 Employees.
Address: Via Annibale Pizzarelli 9/a Parma, 43126 Italy
Specialities: Augmented Reality mobile solutions & libraries, cross platform HTML 5 apps, iOS and Android native development, Augmented reality
Categories: Augmented Reality
Being free is the element needed to move.

From these two truths and dogmatic e-Project has created a group of people working on mobile application.

The languages ​​do not guide us because what we want to achieve is a simple and useful result for the client.

A Mobile App is easy to develop, but very difficult to develop and plan well.

The concepts of security, integration, usability and performance are extremely complex and only a unique experience and dedication can make a right result.

He was born for this reason Xonne; nothing but the sun in German with our X in front to go after the call was the "e" on the front of the permanent movement.

E-Project grows and specializes in "mobile application"

Our Team

Manuel Molossi
Manuel Molossi Web App Developer & Marketing
Erika Allegri
Erika Allegri Graphic Communication Designer
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