www.handy-games.com GmbH (HandyGames)

www.handy-games.com GmbH (HandyGames)

www.handy-games.com GmbH (HandyGames)

Industry: Computer Games
Founded: 2000
Type: Public Company
Size: 51-200 Employees.
Address: Klingholz 13, 97232 Giebelstadt, Germany
Specialities: Mobile Games for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8, Wearable Games and Apps, Games for PC, PS4 and other consoles, Fitness meets Games, gaming
Categories: Gaming
HandyGames™ is one of the leading international developers and publishers of high-quality games for a wide variety of platforms. As a games company that is truly passionate about gaming, we always strive for gameplay innovation. We have produced and published award-winning games of virtually every video gaming genre imaginable for a diverse range of audiences and gameplay styles.

Located in beautiful Giebelstadt in the north of Bavaria and close to the university city of Würzburg, HandyGames™ has been on the forefront of developing ad-supported games into a viable business model as early as 2006. Ever since then, we have been actively pursuing this approach. Offering mobile games in FREE or FREEMIUM versions has dramatically increased the reach of our products, especially in developing and emerging markets.

Mobiles and Tablets
Mobiles first! We have been following this strategy successfully ever since we started developing games.

HandyGames™ is one of the world’s leading developers of wearable games. We support every established smartwatch such as the Moto 360 and the wearables by Sony, LG and Samsung. We are currently working on an innovative and unique way of gaming that will keep couch potatos on their toes!

Embracing Innovation
Ever-changing and steadily improving technologies are part of our everyday life in this business and we at HandyGames™ take pride in trying to be on the forefront of the latest innovations in this field. We love being on new platforms, trying out new concepts and setting standards along the way.

This passion for progress and the opportunities it offers continues to reinforce our strong belief in supporting innovative technologies. We have been among the first developers to port our games to new platforms such as Amazon Fire Phone or Fire TV and have also contributed generously to the Kickstarter campaigns for the OUYA game console and the SPINE 2D skeletal animation software, for example.

Our Team

David Van Sise International Voice Actor
David Van Sise International Voice Actor Voice Over Artist
Pedro Caetano
Pedro Caetano Programmer
Iván León Santiago
Iván León Santiago Game Developer
Alberto Martínez Villarán
Alberto Martínez Villarán Programmer
Jens Breuker
Jens Breuker Game und Level Designer