World of Waw

World of Waw

World of Waw

Industry: Computer Software
Founded: 2012
Type: Privately Held
Size: 11-50 Employees.
Specialities: augmented reality, living prints
Categories: Augmented Reality
World of Waw is an augmented reality studio. We mix fact and fiction to create immersive experiences. When you look at the world through smart glasses (smartphone, tablet, wearables), you can see your environment in an augmented way. Data, text, video, audio, ... even walking talking 3D characters or people can be added to your world.

We can add these visual extras to any image, 3D object or coordinate.

When scanning an advertisement, or print, you can turn pictures into videos.
Or even add your celibrity in 3D to the page.

Books can become games, brochures can become shops, ... almost anything is possible. Please contact us to augment your world as well!

Discover the future of childrens books on

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Our Team

Tina Stroobandt
Tina Stroobandt Impact Architect
Pieter Van Eynde
Pieter Van Eynde Founder
Evelien De Bin
Evelien De Bin Impact Architect
Steffi Sturm
Steffi Sturm Ontwikkelaar mobiele applicaties
Dennis de Bruyn
Dennis de Bruyn Sales / Reseller
Tim Stroobandt
Tim Stroobandt Founder
Joeri Van den Eynden
Joeri Van den Eynden Unity App Developer
San Nollet
San Nollet 3D Artist