Volfoni 3D

Volfoni 3D

Volfoni 3D

Founded: 2007
Type: Privately Held
Size: 11-50 Employees.
Address: 3450 Cahuenga Blvd W #504, Los Angeles, CA 90068, USA
Specialities: 3D glasses, 3D systems, active glasses, passive glasses, 3D kit, 3D emitter, polarization modulator, 3D stereoscopy, 3D, passive 3D theater system, triple beam, 3d cinema, polarization, Virtual Reality, DCI, 3D projection, projection, projector, beamer, projektor
Categories: Virtual Reality, 3D
Founded in 2007, Volfoni is a leader in France’s 3D solutions rental/sales business. With offices in Paris, Valencia, Los Angeles and Hong Kong, plus a network of representatives in other countries, Volfoni is taking their 3D products across the globe. Volfoni is one of the only companies in the world to develop both active and passive 3D systems. Their dedication to providing the best tailor-made 3D experiences on the market has earned them praise from diverse clients across the 3D industry. Everyone from cinema owners to studio execs can attest to Volfoni’s quality and customer service.

Volfoni is now manufacturing several lines of products, including:
-High-LEF Triple Beam System (SmartCrystal Diamond)
-Hybrid active/passive 3D glasses (ActivEyes®)
-Polarization modulators (SmartCrystal™ Pro and SmartCrystal™ Cinema)
-Active 3D glasses (EDGE™)

With the introduction of SmartCrystal™ Cinema, Volfoni is now poised to impact the global market for 3D cinema equipment. SmartCrystal™ Cinema is the latest in passive 3D theater system technology, and is perfect for any theater owner looking for high quality yet competitively priced equipment.

Over the past years technologies developed by Volfoni was recognized through different Awards:
International 3D and Advanced Imaging Society Award for 3D Technology
Korean International Film Festival Award for 3D Technology
CINEC Technology Award 2012
Shanghai Film Festival 3D Technology Award 2012

Our Team

Jérôme Hamacher
Jérôme Hamacher COO
Araceli Vaello García
Araceli Vaello García Sales Manager EMEA & CIS
Jean-Luc Ros
Jean-Luc Ros Profesional Market Manager
Paula B. Silveira
Paula B. Silveira VP Sales, Latin America
Alain Chamaillard
Alain Chamaillard VP Cinema Volfoni Group - Managing Director Spain & Export
Francois INIZAN
Francois INIZAN Managing Director - ME & Asia
Matt Garelik
Matt Garelik Managing Director / SVP - Americas
TRAN VietDung
TRAN VietDung Webmaster/GraphicDesigner
Felipe Navarro Radoselovics
Felipe Navarro Radoselovics Sales Manager EMEA & CIS