Virtual Reality Media, a.s. (VRM)

Virtual Reality Media, a.s. (VRM)

Virtual Reality Media, a.s. (VRM)

Founded: 1992
Type: Privately Held
Size: 51-200 Employees.
Address: Rybarska 1 Trencin, Trencin 911 01 Slovak Republic
Specialities: Flight simulation and training, Military simulation, Image generation and 3D modelling, Mi-17 helicopter simulators, 3D
Categories: 3D
VRM is a private company engaged in design, development and production of state of the art simulators and training systems. Core company product portfolio include:

a) Military simulators

Fixed wing aircraft (Mig-29, Mig-21, SU-22, SU-25, L-39)
Rotary wing aircraft (Mi-17, Mi-171)
Ground vehicles (T-72, BMP-2)

b) Civil aircraft simulators

Business jets (Cessna Citation line FNPT, FNPT II MCC, FTD and FFS Level C,D)

c) Other services

3D modelling
Modelling of terrain databases (Geo-typical, Geo-specific)
Glass cockpit conversion and NVG compatibility

VRM provides to Customers with the most advanced and sophisticated products including qualified training, maintenance and product life-cycle support. We are renowned supplier for Slovak MOD and other Customers worldwide.

VRM is a proud member of SYNERCO SA.


Our Team

Julius Berith
Julius Berith Chairman
Milan Mrázik
Milan Mrázik Marketing Assistant
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