Turns any watch into a smartwatch Turns any watch into a smartwatch Turns any watch into a smartwatch

Founded: 2015
Type: Public Company
Size: 1-10 Employees.
Address: Diemerhof 10-12 Diemen, Noord Holland Netherlands
Specialities: technology smartwatch, dutch design amsterdam, wearables integrated, fitness, tap remote, notification, led, bluetooth btle
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Trivoly. Turns any watch into a smart watch.

Trivoly Technology BV is the integrated wearable company based in Amsterdam.

We’ve created a thin disc which slots effortlessly underneath any timepiece. This tiny product harbours a wealth of state-of-the-art technology matching any smartwatch, and sits discreetly behind the watch face. Our launching product measures 30mm in diameter and is 2.7 mm thick.

The Trio of Trivoly Features:

1. Notifications: Unique rhythms for apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, texts, Gmail, Flitsmeister and calls lets Trivoly collate and manage all your notifications simultaneously. There’s even a discreet setting to customise your Trivoly to avoid unwanted interruptions, by filtering priority contacts and silencing others.

2. Tap2Remote: At the tip of your finger, Trivoly becomes a personal remote control. From skipping tracks on your music system (launching with Spotify and iTunes compatibility) to taking a photo from a distance.

3. Fitness tracker option: With sedentary lifestyles becoming the new smoking in terms of health risk, we’ve never been more health conscious. Trivoly’s heart rate sensor, accelerometer and step counter give advanced fitness tracking, empowering you to review daily physical activity. Data is sent straight to the Trivoly app, which cleverly filters the stats out to your relevant fitness apps.

The Trivoly products team up with our app via Bluetooth to connect to any smartphone, and will be available via iOS and Android.

Our products are designed, engineered and manufactured in the Netherlands to the highest quality standards, and Trivoly is tipped by trend watchers as the next knock-out solution.

We will officially announce our first products in mid-July 2015 and will start with pre-sales.

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If you work in the fashion or watch industry, and are interested in developing smart wearables, contact our team:

Our Team

Roger J. Willemsen
Roger J. Willemsen Founder
Caspar Toornstra
Caspar Toornstra Founder
Kim Schilte
Kim Schilte Social Media Marketing Manager
Kate Wells
Kate Wells UK MarComms