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Think Silicon

Think Silicon

Industry: Semiconductors
Founded: 2007
Type: Privately Held
Size: 11-50 Employees.
Address: Patras Science Park Rio, Achaia 26504 Greece
Specialities: Graphics Processing Units, Semiconductor IP cores, Multicore Ultrathreaded Processors, DirectFB, OpenGL|ES, OpenCL, OpenVG, Graphic Accelerator, Display Controller, 3D, Ultra-low Power, 2D, 3D
Categories: 3D
The Internet of Things (IoT) has put extended battery life and low power consumption at the top of the requirements list for new products!

Think Silicon is designing and developing ultra low power-high performance Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), IP Semiconductor Cores, for the wearable/ non-wearble and the broader IoT market.

IP product portfolio:

NEW: NEMA-Series:
Ultra low power GPUs, Ultra low silicon footprint (x4 smaller), Proprietary frame buffer compression, scalable 1-4 cores,low gate count. Designed for power constrained wearable and non-wearable applications e.g. Watches, Glasses, Smart Phones, Tablets, smart displays, home appliances, HUD, Augmented Reality or any advanced graphics 2D, 2.5D, 3D application which requires flexible battery and display requirements.

• NEMA|t100 - tiny 3D GPU for wearable and non-wearable applications.
Available in Verilog source code or FPGA netlist. Driver support is available for Android, Linux, ucLinux, RTOS and a bare metal C library. API: OpenGL® ES, DirectFB.

• Nema|S100 - General Purpose GPU (image/video co-processing)

Display controller/accelerator for advanced graphics support 2D, 2.5D, vector graphics.
• Think25D - 2D/2.5D DirectFB Graphics Accelerator and Composition Engine (Android)
• ThinkVG - OpenVG 1.1 vector Graphics Processing Unit
• ThinkLCD/ML - Multilayer Multi-format Scaling Display Processor

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Our Team

Gideon Intrater
Gideon Intrater Board Member
Iakovos Stamoulis
Iakovos Stamoulis CTO
Ulli Mueller
Ulli Mueller Business Development
George Sidiropoulos
George Sidiropoulos Managing Director
Georgios Keramidas
Georgios Keramidas Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)
Yannis Economou
Yannis Economou Software