The Third Space Agency

The Third Space Agency

The Third Space Agency

Industry: Entertainment
Founded: 2012
Type: Privately Held
Size: 1-10 Employees.
Address: 34 Trinity Cres, London SW17, UK
Specialities: Research, Innovation, Brokerage, Project Management, Stakeholder Management
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In our era of ubiquitous computing and ambient intelligence, it is more important than ever before to crystallise meaningful focal points for our communities.

The phrase ‘third places’ derives from considering our homes to be the ‘first’ places in our lives, and our work places the second.

Life without community has produced, for many, a life style consisting mainly of a home-to-work-and-back-again shuttle. But social well-being and psychological health depend upon community.

It is our bold mission within the manifesto of The Third Space Agency to assist the specification, design and promulgation of what will become our crucial and vibrant future third places.

We work collaboratively with a diverse range of partners, companies, organisations and agencies to create the innovative third spaces where art and science fuse to bring us our sustainable future communities.