Teleco Srl

Teleco Srl

Teleco Srl

Industry: Telecomm
Founded: 1999
Type: Privately Held
Size: 11-50 Employees.
Address: Via Tiburtina, 1166, 00156 Roma, Italy
Specialities: Telecommunications, Global Solver, System Integrator, Network, Data Centre, Safety and Security, Smart Building, Hotel
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We are an incorporated company committed to provide latest generation Solutions and Professional Services in Information Communication & Media Technology (ICMT).

Our ideas are what make technologies business opportunities. Thanks to our innovative and dynamic business model, our talented human capital, and expertise of excellence, we foster the highest quality solutions to stand always beyond the competitors.

We aim to create trust through measurable results.
International certifications and accreditations prove our proficiency in R&D, planning, engineering, design, realisation, management and continuous assistance h24/365d.

We deliver suites of sustainable, modular, scalable and tailored All in One® solutions to simplify the work organisation, optimise human resources and boost the productivity of our customers.

We nail:
 Integrated web-based platforms and infrastructures to sustainably manage Safety & Security (EX: tri-dimensional facial biometry technologies, ultra-fast moving object tracking), smart buildings systems, and innovative technologies (EX: augmented reality, predictive data analytics to precisely address actions and decisions);

 “Next generation” enterprise web-applications able to catalyse information heritages, mobile technologies, social media dynamics, and cloud computing. “Made in Italy” solutions characterised by a riveting User Experience, thanks to our innate Italian aptitude to outline functional, stylish and user-centric designs;

 Green data centre solutions to support every business model;

 Data network infrastructures (local, metropolitan and geographic) in optical fibre/radio-link/ to ensure the highest performance for Enterprise Business Services.