Industry: IT and Services
Founded: 2013
Type: Public Company
Size: 11-50 Employees.
Address: Ul. Crvena Skopska Opstina Br. 58/2 Center Skopje, Macedonia 1000 Macedonia
Specialities: Java, Oracle, .Net, MsSql
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Founded in 2013, Technoperia is a software company than provides various software products, solutions and services. Together with experienced and robust software developers. Technoperia is continuously raising attention since it is the address of transition from idea to a design and design to a product.


Focussed on customer satisfaction, our aim is to develop efficient, target oriented and easy-to use software products by unifying the latest technology with the brain power in order to transfer idea to a product together with our professional team.

Research & Development Fields:

WebPeria : Design & Development of any scale Websites.

AppPeria : Design & Development of complex applications that are efficient , target oriented and easy to use.

MobPeria : Design & Development of mobile applications

VisioPeria: Research & Development of complex computer vision systems

ThreadPeria: Design & Development of threaded applications that sattisfy performance criterias