Tandent Vision Science, Inc.

Tandent Vision Science, Inc.

Tandent Vision Science, Inc.

Industry: Research
Founded: 2005
Type: Privately Held
Size: 11-50 Employees.
Address: 105 E 34th St #238, New York, NY 10016, USA
Specialities: Computer Vision, Face Recognition, Graphics, Video Analytics, Video Compression, Automotive, Optical Character Recognition, Surveillance, tracking and perimeter control, Motion picture special effects and gaming
Categories: Computer Vision
Tandent Vision Science, Inc. is a scientific research organization founded by the physicist, signal processing engineer, and entrepreneur Ray Dolby. The company was started to develop Advanced Visual Signal Processing, a more useful signal representation of the visual world based on important discoveries in human vision research.

Our company philosophy is that genuine innovation at the level of the signal can enable growth across a multitude of industries. AVSP is new, foundational innovation to power the visual computing revolution.

Advanced Visual Signal Processing:

Tandent believes that signal processing engineers have the responsibility to go well beyond creating a signal that simply corresponds to a sensor response. The higher purpose of signal innovation is to separate different sources of signal variability to produce a more useful and truthful representation of the world.

AVSP began with important discoveries in our human vision laboratory that suggested that the spatial analysis of color can be a powerful tool for separating fundamentally different sources of variability in visual signals. AVSP is a family of proprietary, automatic, color-based methods for producing more veridical, intelligible, and useful visual signals. AVSP dramatically enhances the performance of computer vision and video compression and opens new horizons for a wide range of visual technologies.

For more information visit www.tandent.com or contact us at info@tandent.com.

Our Team

Matthias M. de Haan
Matthias M. de Haan COO
Nicolas Huynh Thien
Nicolas Huynh Thien Computer Vision Scientist
Bruce Maxwell
Bruce Maxwell Director of Research
Youngrock Yoon
Youngrock Yoon Computer Vision Scientist
Kshitiz Garg
Kshitiz Garg Research Scientist
Howard Taub
Howard Taub Director, Corporate Strategy
Kevin Strickland
Kevin Strickland Director of Marketing & Assistant Director of Operations
Ross Messing
Ross Messing Computer Vision Researcher
Felix D'Arienzo
Felix D'Arienzo Chief Patent Counsel and Director of Intellectual Property Strategy
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