Industry: Media Production
Founded: 0
Type: Privately Held
Size: 1-10 Employees.
Address: United Kingdom
Specialities: Camera Tracking, Motion Control, Motion Capture, Previsualisation, Previs, Previz, Previzualisation, Camera, Cranes, Dollies, VFX, Visual Effects, Virtual Studio, Real Time Graphics, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Product Visualisation, Product Simulation
Categories: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality
Take4D is a Real Time Augmented and Virtual Production solution for the manufacturing, construction, entertainment, and medical industries.

Industrial Applications:
Real time on-site visualisation. Zero leaning curve to operate; enable everyone from clients to construction, financial to operations, to pick a camera up and visualise what has yet to be built. Compare existing structures with virtual counterparts and insert virtual prototypes onto existing components.

Take4D combines 3D graphics with live video and camera tracking to generate real time Augmented Reality. Data can be brought in from CAD models, BIM, GPR, LiDAR, and more. The entire system can be customised to client requirements.

Entertainment Applications:
Motion Capture, Motion Control, and our own proprietary Laser Camera Tracking system can be brought together to generate live on-set 3D and video elements in real time. Green / Blue screens can be replaced live on set with either pre-recorded plates or real time generated 3D graphics. Camera moves can be planned in 3D in advance using pre-visualisation techniques and then solved / transferred to a real physical Motion Control Camera for use on-set.

Cranes, Dollies, Steady-Cams, Hand-Held, Virtual Camera, and Motion Control Cameras can all be tracked in real time - live - on-set.
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